About Us

– Brand

Yeslights™ is a direct-to-customer lighting brand registered in the United States. For years of time our factory has provided high quality OEM products for overseas partners. but now we can no longer easily go to various countries to develop customers, so we established our own online brand.

– Factory

Yeslights™ is a direct-to-customer brand, our customers can enjoy preferential prices and professional after-sales service directly from the factory. We have excellent R&D teams in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Our products are leading the trends all the time, perfectly meeting the customers’ needs and always upholding high-cost performance.

– Story

Nick Yang, the founder of brand Yeslights™, was born in a rural family. His father’s eyesight became very poor due to long-term work under low-quality lights. Nick studied very hard. During his college years, he had been working hard to design healthier lighting sources for his father.

After graduation, Nick became an outstanding engineer. He founded a company with a good friend to design and produce lighting products for foreign customers.
Nick’s father is a respected person, and Nick is as sincere as his father. A few years later, the company has accumulated a lot of foreign customers. Nick has also accumulated a wealth of design experience and has become more sophisticated.

Later, Nick founded his own brand–Yeslights™, ‘Yes’ is a simplest but meaningful word in Nick’s eyes, which encourages him spend the tough time. He wants to tell everyone not to abandon easily before you see the light.

Nick and our team have been committed to designing high-quality lights and bringing light to people all over the world.

– Action

We have attended sevral exhibitions every year, bringing good products to all over the world. Besides that, we are developing our brand and listening to the feedbacks for our customers, with which our products can be improved better and better.

– Influence & Publicity

After decades of precipitation, we have also made some achievements and also gained a large number of loyal partners. We also hope that in the future there will be more and more cooperative customers, bringing light to every corner of the world.