Why to Choose Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger?

The data has shown that more and more custimers tend to choose a desk lamp with wireless charging function for their home. So we are gonna make a conclusion about the benefits about the wireless charger.

What is wireless charger?

Wireless Charging is essentially the transmission of an electrical current from a power source to a receiving device without the use of a physical connection. The electrical current is then used to charge or re-charge the battery of the receiving device. In this circumstance the receiving device can be anything from a smartphone or wearable, to a large industrial forklift.

How does wireless charging work?
Wireless Charging is based on the principle of Wireless Power or Magnetic Resonance – the process whereby electricity is transferred between two objects through coils.
The diagram below simplifies the process of wireless power transfer into 5 key steps:

  1. Mains voltage is converted into high frequency alternating current (AC).
  2. The alternating current (AC) is sent to the transmitter coil by the transmitter circuit. The alternating current then induces a time varying magnetic field in the transmitter coil.
  3. Alternating current flowing within the transmitter coil induces a magnetic field which extends to the receiver coil (when within a specified distance).
  4. The magnetic field generates current within the receiver coil of the device. The process whereby energy is transmitted between the transmitter and receiver coil is also referred to as magnetic or resonant coupling and is achieved by both coils resonating at the same frequency.
  5. Current flowing within the receiver coil is converted into direct current (DC) by the receiver circuit, which can then be used to charge the battery.

Why wireless charger appear?

Technology is delveloping with the target of bringing prople coinvenience. So wireless charging technology is a must trend.

Nowadays, there are three types of charging cables for almost all the phones; they are Micro-USB, USB type-C and Apple Lightning. If we change the phone, much likely we need to change the charging cable also, which is not environmental-friendly and convenient.

On the other hand, frequently using cable to charge the phone will definitely have abrasion, we need to change cables very often.

However, the appearance of wireless charger brought us much convenience to charge the phone and save our time and costs.

Advantage of wireless charger

-The first problem caused by charging cable is not work after long time friction

-As is often the case, the cable cannnot be found when we need it due to incorrect storage, while wireless charging will get you rid of this trouble

-Sometimes the phone was found not charged when we wake up because of incorrect connection

-We just need to drop the phone on the lamp, and it will be charged. It will swithch to tricle charging protection mode when the phone was fully powered, which is beneficial for phones and people.

-Besides smart phone, all the Qi intelligent devices like smart watch and earphones is also available. You won’t be annoyed by various cables.

How shall we select?

Indeed. the lamp with wireless charger will benefit us a lot. So, we also need to find a right lamp suitable for us.

Actually we often charge the phone during the bedtime, so the bedside lamp is good choice. Additionally, the charging protection mode also matters. It should switch to the trickle protection mode when we fallen into sleep, when can make us feel safe and confortable.